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Introducing Slat Jackets!

Posted September 8, 2022

Slat Jackets are wooden slats that protect and increase the service life of the metal slats on water-based plasma tables, thereby reducing downtime and increasing productivity.  

As a major manufacturer of hardwood profiled products, we were approached a few years ago by a local company with a conceptual idea to use wood as a protectant for plasma cutting table slats. Introducing Slat Jackets! This consumable product will increase efficiency and uniformity in your cuts and eliminate product damage from scratch, scrap, or part-to-slat bonding. Water table maintenance will be easier due to less dross and slag, and cuts will be more accurate.  

Hardwood Solutions is able to produce Slat Jackets on a large scale quickly and with dimensional precision. They are currently offered in red oak and packaged in quantities of 500 pieces at 48” long for stable palletization and shipping. We understand that there are variables associated with different manufactures. Our dynamic engineering, design and processing associates can customize the product and its quantities and lengths to meet your specific equipment needs.  

Since Slat Jackets are a new product for us, we highly value your input in order to improve development and provide product testing.  

We eagerly await your feedback regarding your specific needs and any questions or concerns you may have!

Slat Designs.bmp
Slat jacket 1 resized.jpg
Updated October 27, 2021

Giving Back!

Assisting our community in difficult times!

Throughout our 20+ year history, Hardwood Solutions has aimed to be an active part of our community, whether it is donating a car to the demo derby at the fair, sponsoring an athletic team, or helping an employee in need.

This fall, we have begun a pilot program to donate a Glowforge laser cutting machine to the technology department at some area high schools. So far, the response has been positive and we are looking forward to many more opportunities! 

addison  pickup 8 16 2021.jpg
western hs pickup.jpg

Addison High School
Addison, MI

Western High School
Jackson County, MI

Northwest pickup 8 18 21.jpg

Northwest High School
Jackson, MI

Glowforge Photo_edited.jpg
Milan Pickup 10 7 21.jpg

Milan High School
Milan, MI

Stockbridge Pickup 10 27 21.jpg

Stockbridge High School
Stockbridge, MI

Updated 10.17.2021

SmartSawn® Engineered Flooring Wear Layers

· Precision sawn on Wintersteiger frame saws 

· Customized thicknesses from 0.063" to 0.550"

· Integrated sorting concepts at each stage of the rough mill

· Detailed & transparent analysis of material cost and margin

· Selective Widths

· Specialized Grades

· 10+ domestic species

Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your ability to control cost and maximize margin on your engineered flooring!



SmartSawn® Toe-Kick

Looking for a premium plywood alternative?

Updated 10.17.2021

A fresh option for TOE-KICK and

plywood based components under 8” wide

· Environmentally friendly Solid Hardwood in multiple species

· Comparably priced to plywood

· Flexible thickness and length options

· Superior finishing attributes

Contact us today for more information on Solid Hardwood Toe-Kick for your company!

Updated 10.21.2021

SmartSawn Door® Product Offerings

Hardwood Core Options



· Precision sawn from kiln dried hardwoods

· Hold tolerances of +/- .007

· Glue-ready

· Thicknesses available from .075" - .750"

· Available in multiple species

· Available in random or fixed lengths


Contact us today to find out how we can unlock new opportunities for your engineered door products!

Solid Hardwood Door Skins

· Precision sawn from kiln dried hardwoods

· Hold tolerances of +/- .007

· Customized grade per client specification

· Thicknesses available from .075" - .750"

· Basswood, Poplar, and Aspen (standard)

· Available in random or fixed lengths


8' Clear Moulding Blanks

Let us be your outsourcing partner for moulder-ready blanks!

Our ability to integrate the requirements of multiple clients into
our orders gives our customers expanded access and greater
flexibility in quality and cost levels.

  • Multiple hardwood species available

  • Customized Rip-to-Width blanks

  • Access to the rip sizes you need, without the extra's you don't!

Contact us today for more information on 
Moulding Blank SOLUTIONS for your company!

Posted March 1, 2017
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