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Advanced Material Processing

Our new Finger-jointing capabilities are based upon a state-of-the-art Weinig System, which produces the European style "Vertical" finger joint. In comparison to the standard horizontal joint common in North America, the vertical joint provides greater strength and reliability in most structural applications as the number of fingers is not reduced when the material is re-sawn or moulded.


Innovative Resource Strategies

Among the 1,300,000 board feet of domestic hardwoods that we process monthly, we specialize in Northern species such as Hard Maple, Red Oak, Basswood and Aspen. Our technologically advanced millwork equipment and ability to integrate the requirements of multiple manufacturing clients in various industry sectors allow us to generate material synergies that enhance each client's competitive position. Our largest programs are based upon Northern White Hard Maple, which we process in all grades and multiple thicknesses.


Creative Supply Chain Management

Our web-based supply chain management systems and expertise have increased profitability for our clients and have helped us grow from "just" a technologically advanced ripping facility to a respected consultative partner with our manufacturing clients. We have developed a wide range of millwork capabilities, including surfacing, ripping, chopping, moulding, embossing, re-sawing, and now finger-jointing! We also work aggressively to ensure that clients have excellent cost and margin accounting systems.

advanced material processing
innovative resource strategies
creative supply-chain management
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