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What if your company could...

North America's Premier Hardwood Wear Layer Outsourcing Partner

  • accelerate the launch of an engineered flooring line?

  • convert fixed overheads to variable?

  • optimize product width distribution?

  • expand production capacity?

You Can with Hardwood Solutions!

Outsourcing Advantages:

  • Proven history of best practices in thin-sawing 

  • Reduction of fixed overhead costs

  • Significant inventory reduction

  • Greater flexibility in product width mix

  • Certainty in wear layer costs

Technical Specifications:

  • Thickness as needed from .100" (2.5mm) to .410" (10.4mm)

  • Frame-sawn widths up to 9.25" (235mm)

  • Band Saw widths up to 14.0" (355mm)

Production Capacity Advantages:

  • Multiple Wintersteiger precision saws in both frame and band configuration  

  • Internal blade sharpening 

  • Wide-belt sanding 

  • Precision and high speed cut-to-length 

  • Customized grading and sorting 

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