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Hardwood Solutions' SmartSawn®

line of hardwood products offers a fresh option for components under .562” in thickness, that can generate significant
material cost reductions and process efficiencies.



  • Customized  thicknesses ranging from .075" to .562” 

  • SmartSawn® products are available in all domestic species offered by Hardwood Solutions. 

  • Components as wide as 10” can be provided.

  • Available in a variety of formats to maximize value to each customer application:

    • Random or fixed lengths

    • Standard NHLA Grades or Customized grades by client

    • Sawn and/or profile moulded, often only requiring single face profiling

    • Ready to finish or assemble with as little as .010” sanding


Consider SmartSawn® Hardwoods for:

  • Cabinet color chips 

  • Finish mouldings under .500”in thickness

  • Drawer components 

  • Cabinet Toe Kick

  • Engineered flooring solid hardwood lamellas

  • Window and door skins 


  • SmartSawn® products are precision-sawn and hold tolerances of .005” to .008” across both the length and width of the product

  • SmartSawn® products  have a near-moulder finish equivalent to between 15 and 20 KMI (knife marks per inch)

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